Julija Slipetska
Theoretical and Methodological Grounds of Public Opinion Researchin Ukraine.

Anatoliy Romanyuk
Features of electoral volatility at the regional level in ukraine according to the results of the parliamentary elections of 2012/2014 and 2014/2019.

Adam Rogala-Lewicki
Participation of intelligence services in political decision-making process – evolution of coordination patterns in Poland.

Anastasia Repetska
Causes of conflicts in the interaction between the legislative and executive branches of Ukraine.

Nadija Panczak-Białobłocka
Parliamentary opposition and its influence and dividends from the formation and functioning of minority governments in European parliamentary democracies.

Aneta Moszczyńska
The principles and mechanisms of portfolio allocation and maintaining balance between government coalitions’ partners: theoretical and practical contexts.

Vitaliy Lytvyn
Conditionality, factors and indicators of heterogeneity and typologization of semi-presidential system of government.

Andrii Konet
Influence of manipulative electoral technologies on the political values of the population.

Ruslana Klym
The role of political parties in the European integration processes of the republic of Bulgaria.

Nina Hetmantseva, Oksana Kiriiak
Discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity in Ukraine.

Oleksandra Cholovska
The influence of elections and electoral systems on the nationalization and/or denationalization of regional political process: theorization and empirical manifestations on the example of Poland and Hungary.

Zbigniew Białobłocki
Institutional factors and dimensions of stability of governments and political systems: theoretical and methodological context.

Tomasz Białobłocki
On the essence of subjectivity and subjectivation of national minorities in ethnopolitical process: theoretization on the background of events in Ukraine.

Krzysztof Białobłocki
Immigration processes in Slovakia and the Czech Republic: profiles, similarities and differences.

Sławomira Białobłocka, Aleksandra Ancerowicz
Party determinants of formation, functioning and stability of governmental cabinets in parliamentary democracies: theoretical and methodological cut.

Magdalena Białobłocka
The consequences and effects of modernization and development of transport logistics, infrastructure and system in the countries of the Visegrad group: theoretical and practical contexts.


Anatoliy Romanyuk
To determine the indicators and format of the regional, regionalized and local party in Ukraine.

Adam Rogala-Lewicki
Classified methods of collecting information on the citizens –comparative legal study of invigilation in Poland.

Liudmyla Pavlovych, Petro Nikiforov
Income tax as a component of financial capacity of new amalgamated communities in Ukraine.

Nadija Panczak-Białobłocka
History, paradigms, perspectives and features of the study of minority governments in contemporary political science: theoretical and methodological context.

Aneta Moszczyńska
Institutional and non-institutional preconditions and features of the origin and endogeneity of electoral systems: theoretical and methodological contexts.

Vitaliy Lytvyn
Features and types of governmental cabinets as descriptors of semi-presidential system of government in European countries.

Maryan Lopata, Mykhailo Halushchak
Political preferences of Ukrainian national minority in Poland in 2001-2011 parliamentary elections on the basis of national census.

Tamara Kozak
Factors and consequences of the relationship between language and politics and parameters of language competition in international relations: structuring on the example of the European Union.

Haponenko Vira Anatoliyvna
The peculiarities of hybrid institutionalization and prospects for democratization of political system of Ukraine.

Tetiana Fedorchak
Dynamics of the development of information society in the Czech Republic.

Oleh Burdyak
Marketing communications: innovative approaches to their formation and application tools.

Vira Burdiak
Impact of European integration on the transformation of the media of the republic of Bulgaria.

Zbigniew Białobłocki
Efficiency of governments and its factors: theoretical and methodological context and some manifestations on the example of eastern European countries.

Tomasz Białobłocki
History of autonomist and separatist tendencies and peculiarities of the subjectification of ethnic Russians in Crimea on the eve of its annexation by Russia (1988–2013).

Krzysztof Białobłocki
Legal basis for regulating migration and migration processes in the European union on the eve of the European “migration crisis”.

Sławomira Białobłocka
Institutional features of political process and government stability: parameters of the relationship.

Magdalena Białobłocka
Features and state of development of freight and passenger transportation by rail in the countries of the Visegrad Group.