For Authors

Authors who wish to publish articles, reports, reviews or communications should send their texts to the chief editor. The editorial board expect articles related to political and social science, international relations or European studies.

The proposed texts are reviewed.The texts intended to be published in the Journal, summary and the titles shall be prepared in Polish, English or Ukrainian languages.Summary in Polish, English or Ukrainian languages shall comprise of 100 words and refer to the aim, assumptions, research performance and conclusions.

The key words in Polish, English or Ukrainian languages shall clearly show the core of considerations and match the categories with the area of researchInformation (in Polish, English or Ukrainian) about the Author includes: name and surname, academic degree, place of work and the email address.

Texts in WORD andTeX format, font size: 12 TnR, leading 1,5 shall be emailed to the editor. The editor reserves the right to introduce changes to the texts.

Texts shall be divided into numbered, entitled parts.Texts, including footnotes, shall not exceed 22, peer review 8, and a scientific report 6 standardized pages. The editor reserves the right to make cuts and corrections agreed with the Author.To distinguish portions of the text use space-out print.

Each table, chart or graph shall be numbered, title and source. Numbers and titles shall be drawn above, and bibliographic descriptions of sources below illustrations.Foreign inclusions shall be italicized, quotations enclosed in quotation marks (do not use italics).

Titles of books mentioned in the text shall be italicized without quotation marks, in footnotes only titles of books and articles shall be italicized.If available, a link to publicly accessible www and URL addresses shall be provided with the date of the access of the edition cited.

Footnotes, shall be presented at the bottom of each page.Bibliographic descriptions shall meet The International Standard Bibliographic Description (ISBD).A DOI number will be available as a unique identifier on the title page of each published article (see: