Magdalena Białobłocka
The pre-conditions, principles and attributes of political and technocratic governance in Italy: history and modernity.

Sławomira Białobłocka
The evolution and features of the system and mechanisms of planning and implementation of socio-economic development in the countries of the Visegrad group.

Krzysztof Białobłocki
Political, socio-economic and system modernization as components of a logistic-transformational plan and process in the post-communist countries of Central-Eastern Europe.

Tomasz Białobłocki
The evolution of political and legal status of the Russian minority in the ethnonational legislation of state entities on the historical territory of Ukraine (1917– 1990).

Zbigniew Białobłocki
The correlation of governments’ and political system’s stability and the effectiveness of governments and governance systems: at the example of eastern European countries.

Vira Burdiak
Cooperation between the state and civil society inproviding volunteer supportfor the ato soldiers in the east of Ukraine.

Butyrska Iryna A.
Claim as a means of protection of rights, freedoms and interests.

Butyrska Iryna W.
Regional aspects of management of trade enterprises.

Cholovska Oleksandra
Structuralization and comparison of electoral formulas for the election of collegial representative bodies of local government in the Visegrad group countries (as of 2018).

Hrabynskyy Ihor
The Social and Economic Problems of Cross-border Affairs in Central and East Europe: Case Study of the Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation.

Kabantseva Iryna
Corruption counteraction by the civil society: comparative analysis of the experience of Romania, Hungary, and Poland.

Kiyanka Iryna
Populism as a theoretical framework: modern aspect for political system.

Kolzov Vitaliy
The features and consequences of anti-system political opposition in the countries of the Visegrad group.

Kozak Tamara
Functional Domains of the Spread of English in Ukrainian linguistic environment.

Ihor Kushnarov
Political corruption in Ukraine: main manifestation and counteraction methods.

Vitaliy Lytvyn
The features of the lustration of the police system: the practice of post-communist countries of Europe (on the example of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic).

Panchak-Białobłocka Nadija
The typology of theories and models of minority governments’ formation and accountability in parliamentary democracies.

Lyudmyla Ryzhak
Sustainable development of humanity: joint responsibility for the future.


Magdalena Białobłocka
The features of development of transport system, logistics and infrastructure in the countries of the Visegrad Group: from «real socialism» regimes to post-communism.

Sławomira Białobłocka
Modeling coalition governments’ management: a theoretical and empirical cut on the example of European representative democracies.

Krzysztof Białobłocki
Political perception of immigration processes in the countries of the Visegrad group.

Tomasz Białobłocki
The research on the origin of Russians and Ukrainians as the indicator of politicization of Russian national minority in Ukraine.

Zbigniew Białobłocki
The state of research of the problems of stability and efficiency of governments in comparative political studies: historiographical, theoretical and methodological cut and its imposition on the countries of eastern Europe.

Burdiak Vira
Specifics of the development of political culture in the Balcan states.

Oleh Burdyak
Usage of internet services in strategic marketing.

Andrii Butyrskyi
Influence of the state on the development of the Ukrainian economy.

Tetiana Fedorchak
Theoretical aspects of development of political transformation and democratization in scientists’ researches.

Hryhoriev Oleksandr
Defective Democracy a comparison of the illiberal transformations in Hungary and Poland.

Konet Andrii
Theoretical and methodological aspects of the study on public opinion manipulation technologies.

Myroslav Leshanych
Model of the modern political party in terms of democratic transition.

Vitaliy Lytvyn
Categorization and systematization of institutionally- procedural and politically-behavioral attributes and features of semi-presidentialism: theoretical and methodological cut.

Aneta Moszczyńska
The features of legislative process in the countries of the visegrad group: a descriptive and comparative analysis.

Panczak-Białobłocka Nadija
Effectiveness, socio-economic and political implications and perceptions of minority governments in European parliamentary democracies: theoretical and practical context.

Anatoliy Romanyuk
Peculiarities of structural construction and ideological positioning of the All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda”.