Features of electoral volatility at the regional level in ukraine according to the results of the parliamentary elections of 2012/2014 and 2014/2019.

Anatoliy Romanyuk

The electoral volatility at the national level based on the results of the 2012/2014 and 2014/2019 parliamentary elections in terms of general, intra-systemic and non-systemic volatility has been analyzed. The features of three types of electoral volatility at the level of the main regions of Ukraine: West, Center, South and East have been investigated. The importance of party preferences of regions in the context of electoral volatility has been outlined. The method of the total electoral volatility calculating using the M. Pedersen index and intra-system and extra-system volatility on the basis of the indices modified by E. Powell and D. Tucker have been worked out. The drawing on the analysis of the results of opinion polls, the grounds / motives for changing electoral support have been considered.