Impact of European integration on the transformation of the media of the republic of Bulgaria.

Vira Burdiak

The author analyzes the present day media of the Republic of Bulgaria and studies the changes they underwent during the period of preparation for accession and its membership in the European Union. The author expresses the important role that the media played in the European integration process, reflecting its impact on social and political life of the state. The democratization of the society has contributed to a significant transformation of the media system and methods of its management. Bulgaria was able to synchronize its media legislation with European norms and standards, which led to a positive dynamics in the development of the media market, TV and radio broadcasting in particular. Bulgaria’s EU integration led to positive transformation of the media policy and media legislation improvement. The European integration process is currently the main priority of Bulgaria’s foreign policy. The EU membership gave Bulgaria the opportunities to develop democratic institutions, including the media system, which in turn allowed Bulgaria to achieve greater internal stability. The Republic of Bulgaria has not yet reached the standards of the European information policy in the field of ethnic issues, but after joining the EU there are tangible positive changes in the improvement of this sphere.