Institutional features of political process and government stability: parameters of the relationship.

Sławomira Białobłocka

The article is devoted to analyzing the parameters of correlation and interrelation of institutional features of political process and government stability. It was stated that the issue of governments and their stability is extremely multifaceted, since it concerns both institutional and non-institutional parameters and determinants of government stability. This is due to the fact that, on the one hand, governments are institutionally positioned as the highest executives, and therefore, on the other hand, that governments are not isolated from other political institutions, because they are in direct and indirect relations with them within the systems of inter-institutional relations, which are determined by different forms and systems of government, different forms of government and different types of political regimes. It was argued that in general the problem of the relationship between the institutional features of political process and government stability is mainly manifested in the correlation of stability of different types of governments within different institutional designs and different reasons for the formation and functioning of them.