Influence of manipulative electoral technologies on the political values of the population.

Andrii Konet


Based on the analyzed material, the author proves that manipulative electoral technologies have a very important influence on the political values of the population and the results of their voting during the elections. In a post-industrial society, political manipulation, electoral technologies, and the power of the information become crucial in manipulating the society, since the vast majority of citizens perceive the world around them through the electoral pro- cess. The 2019 presidential election in Ukraine demonstrated a combination of manipulative, “dirty” and “clear” electoral technologies. And the media and the Internet, which are involved in this process, have now become one of the most important public institutions. The experience of political campaigns on Facebook in the United States and Europe shows that the right audience and the right messages aimed at it usually help to achieve success. The results of the 2019 presidential election in Ukraine showed how new political technologies affected their course, and helped one of the candidates win. In this election, new technologies clashed with the traditional ones that have been operating in Ukraine for decades, and the results showed that the new ones are much more effective.
The article notes that it is necessary to introduce “clear” electoral technologies into the political field of Ukraine, taking into account its social, political and economic reality and the global game rules. They must be created by intensive means, designed and implemented as science-intensive social engineering products.