The role of political parties in the European integration processes of the republic of Bulgaria.

Ruslana Klym


The author proves that political parties are an important element of the political system, a force that represents the interests of various social groups, provides communication between them and forms the domestic and foreign policy of the state. It is noted that Bulgaria’s path to the European Union was quite diverse in historical and political context and contributed to positive changes in the political and economic sphere of society. Political parties played an important role in the European integration processes of the Republic of Bulgaria. In the early 1990s a consensus had been formed among the leading political parties on the need for its accession to the EU. Due to this, the course of European integration of Bulgaria was successfully implemented, despite the change of socialist, liberal or conservative political forces in the government.
The official programs on European integration of the most influential political parties in Bulgarian society that had representation in the Parliament and were part of the government since 1989 – the Bulgarian Socialist Party, the Union of Democratic Forces, the National Movement “Simeon II”, the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, the “Attack”, the Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) – were analyzed.
It is pointed out that political consensus between political parties is extremely important in achieving the main goal of Bulgarian society – accession to the European Union and development of the Republic as a member of this international organization.