Factors, stages and varieties of migration and migration processes: theoretization in ukrainian science.

Krzysztof Białobłocki

The study is dedicated to analyzing, structuring and systematizing different The article structures the theorizations available in Ukrainian Political Science on the factors, stages and varieties of migration and migration processes, in particular at the back- ground of a number of political and socio-economic events of the past decades of the early 21st century. This period was chosen taking into account the fact that at this time different and divergent migration processes were gradually expressed both within Ukraine and from Ukraine to other countries in Europe and the world. It was shown that the migration process necessarily includes four stages – initial or preparatory, basic, residence stage and return stage. The author revealed that these stages are inherent in different types of migration, although due to quite different factors, including economic, social, political/political-legal, environmental, cultural/ethno cultural, demographic and so on. In general, it was found that the topics of factors, stages and varieties of migration processes are well developed and structured in Ukrainian science.