The European Union transport policy: essence, progress, problems and development prospects.

Aneta Moszczyńska

The article analyzes the essence, stages of formation, key priorities, problems, as well as prospects for the development of the EU transport policy. It was stated that the so-called joint transport policy should be considered as a component of coordination and agreement of transport policies and processes at the level of international transport cooperation of the EU countries in general and some of them in particular. The author argued that the common transport policy of the EU (from stage to stage of its development) acquires more and more consolidated outlines, but it is still characterized by significant problems of logistical, infrastructural and political importance. It was noticed that the consolidation of the common transport policy of the EU directly depends on the level of integration of the EU members, but the former is more and more going beyond the EU. At the same time, it was recorded that the deterioration or slowing down of the development of the common transport policy of the EU occurs at the background of various crises and conflicts.