Never ending political transition in ukraine at the background of the experience of central and eastern european countries: dynamics and correlation of political regimes and systems of government.

Vitaliy Lytvyn

The article tests the assumption that political transition in some countries can be incomplete, at least for a very long period of time, or restored even after the completion of democratization and consolidation of democracies. This is done based on both the modernization, as well as transitological and institutional interpretation of political transition. Empirically, the comparative analysis was carried out on the basis of the case of Ukraine, particularly by taking into account the dynamics of development and making a correlation between the options (more democratic or more autocratic) of hybrid political regime and various options of systems of government (primarily semi-presidentialism) in Ukraine. It is stated that semi-presidentialism can certainly contribute to democratization and completion of political transition in Ukraine, but only in the case of further approval and prolongation of its premier-presidential, rather than president parliamentary version. This partly corresponds to the logic and choice of systems of government in Central and Eastern European countries, which use parliamentarized systems of government.