Journal of Central and Eastern Europe launched in January 2014, issued twice a year,  is the official scholarly journal of the European Studies Faculty in WSGK Kutno (www.wsgk.com.pl)

The journal provides a place for  scientific research, ideas and discussions  dedicated to political and social sciences, contemporary international relations and European studies.

All the submitted papers are double – blind peer-reviewed by high-level, independent  reviewers (from outside the academic institution or another place of work  the Author of the text is affiliated in) evaluate each article. Each review contains  an unambiguous resolution approving or rejecting publication.

It is an open access or, more precisely – open choice journal, and an electronic version of each issue is entirely free of charge available on a web site under the Creative Commons licence  (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0), and the printed version available in traditional distribution. Publications in the journal are free of charge. 

The journal is entered into the Register of Newspapers and Magazines under no. 1413 and confirmed ISSN 2353-8392.